Dear Mr. Brown

You'll be 10 years old soon.
A fact that saddens me as well as brings me joy.
Joy because that means I've had you in my life almost nine years.
Sadness because I can see your age in your face, if not your behavior.

You've always been fond of foraging for your food whether it be coffee grounds from the garbage can to used Kleenex. Your preference being the brand with Vicks in it...
I've heard you in summers past crunching the hard green cherry things in the back yard late in the evenings.

I've shared fresh tomatoes and pineapple tidbits with you as well.

A lover of food you are.
Picky you are not.
So it might come as a shock. What I'm about to say.

I can't say I'm pleased with your latest snack of choice.
Although looking at it from your point of view there is an abundance of it due to our damp weather of late...
I'm just going to ask one thing...

Please don't bring your slug snacks in the house or we're going to have a unpleasant moment in our life together...


I would appreciate it if you don't introduce slug eating to Gabby...


lincannon said…
We have them sometimes come in on their own, somehow I think they teleport. one acctually ruined a base of a brass lamp. UGh ugh ugh.

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