Having friends in various stages of motherhood has definitely expanded my vocabulary...especially my friends with newborns.
My favorite term is 'tummy time'
Which is probably why this sweater for C&M's future off spring has appealed to me do much! It's perfect for tummy time!
Fitted like a shrug so that buttons pr bulky baby cables don't push uncomfortably on baby. Nice long sleeves and the long back to keep babies back warm while it has 'tummy time'.
It's also perfect for snuggling with mom and dad...
The self striping yarn was the perfect choice.
The higher the number of stitches the more narrow the stripes. At the top where I was increasing every-other-row they are narrow. Take off for the sleeves and they balance out for the rest of the body. The sleeves have less stitches still which made those stripes extra wide.
Babies look awesome in stripes.
I can't wait to see the Offspring in this tummy time sweater!

Pattern is Newborn Vertebrae by Kelly Booker...more details when it's finished!


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