But my shop sample for So Much Yarn in downtown Seattle is complete and ready for delivery!
Yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Size 10 needles
Very Cozy!

I'm wearing it now since my office clearly has the air conditioning turned on in it! Brrrrr.

Need to make another one for me!


lincannon said…
I really like the cowl pattern, looks great, I used to have an office like that.
Saying Hi to you from Bothell/Kirkland we are off to Home Goods in Lynnwood (Thank you for the heads up) Joanne fabrics and Big lots with DIL, we have fun shopping trips, her first to Home Goods.
lincannon said…
Ok Tell us what the pattern is.
Carmel said…
Pattern is Faraway, So Close. A shawl pattern by Carina Spencer.

Don't forget Hobby Lobby...I've never been to home goods. I just recently heard about it!
lincannon said…
Oh Shoot I forgot to take her there. We have them, the one we have the yarn is very so-so, but the other stuff is great!
Home Goods is still being shopped out, they cannot keep up with the demand yet. I chatted with the clerks and watched and as soon as they stocked people were filling their carts. I suggest if you go on a weekend go as soon as they open. Today we are heading into Redmond BF and Costco(Kirkland) and then they are off to Salish Lodge for an overnight and we get to babysit our 1 1/2yr old Granddaughter.
They liked Big Lots too, but I didn't find any great yarn in Lynnwood. JoAnnes was for fabric ideas for decorating.
If we check our Hobby Lobby I will give you info, it should be great though, ours is huge.
I love spending time with my DIL.
Will check out the pattern thankyou.
Carmel said…
I go to Hobby Lobby all the time. If you are looking for a good yarn selection try Great Yarns (Everett) So Much Yarn (Seattle, north of pike place market above cost plus imports. Or Pacific Fabrics in Everet has a small but excellent selection of yarn. Have fun babysitting!
Julie said…
it's gorgeous!! I hear you about air conditioning being a totally valid reason for knits like this in the summer. Great colour!
Carmel said…
Thanks Julie!! The shop was really happy with it!

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