Our weekend in pictures...

Friday evening started after an amazingly long, much need nap. D woke me just in time to get dressed and head to another Aquasox game. Unfortunately because of adverse weather prior to the game it was delayed and ultimately cancelled but they had fireworks and we had full beers so we stayed to enjoy both!

Saturday we headed to Lake Union and took our boat thru the 'cut' from Lake Union to Lake Washington and spent a long day on the water...the 'cut' goes right thru the University of Washington...the graffiti along the water is showing support for UW crew. I've spent most of my life near Lake Washington and this is the first time I've ever been on it or thru the cut. I loved it!
Lake Washington is pretty choppy to begin with on the weekends, but add to that young kids with boats, wind and intermittent rain showers it wasn't looking to be a nice day.
I had a run in with the outboard trying to reboard the boat after swimming...it wasn't running at the time of course but I have a glorious bruise where my leg hit it! We finally made our way to Kenmore and found the sun and smooth waters where we drifted and looked at lake houses...(they're really more mansion like)

Eventually we made our way back to Seattle, put the boat away for the night and I was able to snap the sunset reflecting off of downtown...

Sunday dawned rainy and put me in a fairly sour mood but the day got better and the Aquasox didn't rain out last night...they didn't win either, but it was still a nice night out at the ball park knitting a tiny cardigan for BW.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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