Things I've Learned...recently

1. Boxes should not be drug over feet, at least not while wearing flip flops...

2. Two queen size double tall air mattresses in a tent turn it from tent to adult bouncy house.

3. Even the cheapest knife can end up being the sharpest...(Sorry Clint that your camping was interrupted by a trip to the ER in Electric City.

4. Fair food is better consumed in stages.
    a. Stage 1: Scones,  fresh lemonade and curly fries
    b. Stage 2: hot buttered corn on the cob while watching a one man band and his 3 year old volunteer sing and dance for us.
    c. Stage 3: shared Italian sausage sandwich with sweet hot mustard
all consumed over a 12 hour's possible I snatched a scone from Ryan's bakers dozen he bought and let me tell you it was totally worth it!

5. I'm a homebody and when I don't get enough home time I get cranky.
    a. I've been cranky a lot this summer but I have also done a lot of fun stuff so it's kind of a wash...Not for D though, he got a lot of the cranky.

6. the book 50 Shades of Grey takes a strong drink and a lot of white out. If I read 'my inner goddess' one more time I will truly shred the book with my bare hands. Thus the white out...if I get into the second and third books and that's a strong 'if' I will be preemptive and white that phrase out before I start reading it...

7. I have to let go of something that's been bothering me for a while and I still haven't figured out how to do it and get back on even ground with someone...thoughts?

8. Boating season is quickly winding my laundry will probably stay unfolded for one more's not the first time we've dressed straight out of the dryer...definitely won't be the last. Betty Crocker, Happy Home Maker I'm not...but I do try, a little.

9. 85 pounds of boxer is probably the scariest thing I've woken up too all week, mostly because he was sitting on me and his face was one inch from mine...guess what happened after my eyes opened.

10. I'm writing this instead of finishing the the procrastinator in me is as strong as ever...

Happy Labor Day.


lincannon said…
Obviously you were slobbered to death by boxer. I get a face wash from a 10 pounder who wants to let me know she really has to go out.
Sounds like Banks was a blast (bouncy house)for adults.
I ususally like reading trashy, novels, but after reading the reviews of "Fifty" I decided repetitive writing with over the top sex was not for me. There is a romance writer, can't think who now, that I had to give up on as she would repeat you to death and you were so bogged down in it that you wanted to gag.
Sometimes even though you think you have let go of something and want to recapture it is very difficult. I think as I have gotten older I'm going to do that with the southern phrase that covers a whole lot of stuff. "Bless Her (his) Heart" as some people have flaws and we have to live with them, and if we think of them as stupid flaws and bless them we get over them with humour. Any way good luck on that whole thing.
Not everyone is "Suzy Homemaker" ala Pinterest, time is too short to worry about that. As long as the health department doesn't shut you down your fine.
Enjoy what is left of you holiday

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