9,740 Feet Above Sea Level

Is Haleakala.
The volcano on Maui (don't worry, it's not active anymore)

If you want to see an amazing sunrise this is where you go.

You have to get up ridiculously early to do it. For example, we got up at 2:45 a.m. to get there, and we weren't the first to arrive.

If you have a queasy stomach on roller coasters then I suggest laying down so you can't see as you are driving up the mountain. If you are the driver obviously this isn't for you. If you are the driver I suggest not eating till after the sunrise and stopping at the Kula Lodge for a delicious breakfast.

You need to dress warm and by warm I mean every knit item you own, long underwear, Uggs, and a balaclava to keep you from shivering out of your capris!

After a gut wrenching, almost 2 hour drive this was my first view of Haleakala...

Totally worth it. The sliver moon above the sunrise...


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