I suck at them.
I know I do.
They break my heart.

I learned back in March how hard it is to say good bye when I said it to my mom. She left Arizona 24 hours before I did and I spent four hours bawling my eyes out after watching her drive away. Have you ever watched your mom drive away from you while you were still in her home? It bites. It bites the big one.

Today we had to say Good Bye to our friends.

It sucked. Bottom line. I'm pretty sure it sucked for them as we'll...

It's not like we won't see them in a week, but as I look across the beach I feel an emptiness that wasn't there last night.

We'll see you soon.
Till then it'll be a little less shiny without you!
Happy Anniversary to us all!

I haven't knit a single stitch in 7 days...

No I'm not in rehab
I'm on vacation
And I'm exhausted



I hope you brought some knitting for the plane!
Carmel said…
I brought 6 projects that I hoped to have done but wool and humidity plus sand don't mix! So the plane it'll be!

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