Day Three...

Probably since I was in my early 20's I've suffered from migraines...
They were worse back then for a couple reasons.
I ate a lot of processed food and I smoked.
Well I quit smoking almost 8 years ago and have cut back the amount of processed food that I consume.
So now my migraine attacks have gone from monthly to almost quarterly.
Some are light and motion sensitive others are just painfully annoying.

I'm on day three of the latter.
I take the medicine and the pain subsides.
I thought yesterday it was breaking until I rolled over in bed at 2:30 this morning and realized, nope, still there.

This one I can feel all the way down to my shoulder where there currently resides a tension knot the size of a golf ball.
I hate them. I hate them because when you talk about them people who have never had one have no idea what you are talking about and just think you have a headache.

People like to see something tangible to associate your pain with.
Like a cut, a bruise, a cast, bandages, etc... it makes it easier for them to sympathize/empathize

I don't like them more because sometimes they prevent me from doing my everyday stuff.
They make me cranky.

However, 16 years after my first diagnosis I can pinpoint exactly why they happen to me.

If I don't get enough rest or downtime my body turns on me and will knock me down with a migraine that will force me to sleep for at least 12 hours.

I guess you all know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning...

that's right,

sleeping with a side of knitting

because it's coming on Chrismtas and not even a migraine due to lack of sleep is going to keep me from my Christmas giving goal...
Or from hockey Saturday and Sunday night!


lincannon said…
I suffered from migraines from age 12 until 50 something, and I truly understand. Of course i passed them on to my son, not my daughter, for some reason. My Husband has them too. Mine were menstrual and water based, so when i could control those things in my late 40's it seemed to help. It is no fun, miserable is probably a better discription. So sorry, the only thing I can say is when I hit menopause I had more control.
I know how it is to go that many days so miserable, but when you come out of it is is almost euphoric.

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