Finished Object: Susie's Reading Mitts

It's been a while since I made a pair of these, especially a pair I'm going to keep for myself, for a while at least.
I did make some modifications.

In the pattern where it says to knit till the pattern measures 5" from the turn in the cuff, I knit 6" and when I wear them they are long but I can bunch them up a bit if I like.

Second modification, Instead of knitting half and inch after finishing the thumb I knit an inch. This wasn't intentionally but I hate ripping back so I went with it and surprisingly remembered to do it on the second one.

I started these Friday November 9th on the So Much Yarn knitting retreat I attended with my mom. and probably could have had them cracked out in about a day and half but we all know I was side tracked by knitting a bullseye and then once home I kep these in my purse and basically only knit on them at the office.

I'm pretty thrilled with them myself. The silk in the yarn makes them super soft. The colors are all my favorites and they are incredibly warm!

So here are the deets:

Pattern: Susie Rogers Reading Mitts (same pattern as Susie's reading mitts just under a different heading now)
Yarn: Mountain Colors Twizzle. 250 yards, worsted weight. 85% wool 15% silk.
Color: I think I chose Sierra. I bought this when I was still working at the yarn shop over 2 years ago.
I really really am in love with them.
Especially since the rain has decided to hit with a force that makes even the heartiest Seattleite curse the grey skys. It's a wind and rain and thunder extravaganza...

Mom, remember last year at Thanksgiving when you were here? Well it's just like that again. Super.

Hope everyone has a safe and dry Tuesday!


judybug said…
How many stiches did you cast on using a worsted weight yarn? Also what size needles did you use? What size did you follow. Thanks
Carmel said…
If I remember correctly I cast on 48 stitches and used size 5 dpn's so it makes for a nice dense fabric which i like for mittens. I followed the medium size for my self...
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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