Post Retreat Post

Picking up mom

Where do I begin?
The weather was amazing. Sunny and bright but cool enough to warrant being wrapped up in knit accessories.
A weekend of knitting with my mom.
A weekend of knitting with old friends from So Much Yarn.

I request the same room every year.
I won a door prize for having brought the most projects to work on... I believe the final count was 8 after I went back to my room and pulled everything out of my bags.
I did get a few things done.
I finished the owl (a separate post on that later)
I did the eyes on the pig
I started and finished one Susie's Reading Mitt.
My requested a knit bullseye that she wanted to use to patch a friends sweater with... so I worked on that and finished it Saturday afternoon.
I made a huge leap of progress on my Aran Weight Citron Shawl by Hilary Smith-Callis. I have two rows to go and I'll bind that baby off tonight... I'm going to time myself to see how long it takes I'm thinking it will take about 45 minutes.

early saturday morning by the fire in the living room

Mom and I had dinner at Prima Bistro in Langley. It's located above the Star Store (another fantastic place to go, they have the most amazing wine section)

Happy Hour in the Inn Dining room

Prima. What can I say about Prima?
Prima is an amazing restaurant.
The food is fresh.
It's local.
The atmosphere is perfect.
We had the same thing each night because it was so delicious. However, I can honestly say that I've never had a bad meal there, even the time I tried their sweetbreads, really not my thing, but they were nicely prepared.
So each night mom had Saviah Cellars 2009 Cabernet sauvignon. I had an Absolut Cosmo (or two)
Fresh pan roasted brussell sprouts.
Lamb Chops.
Fried Polenta
Yes I'm a knitter and I knit mostly with wool. Yes I eat lamb, have you tried well prepared lamb? It's delicious.
Dessert you say?
Truffles from Mona's (made right down the street in Langley!) Amazing!
Creme Brulee. The best we've ever had!

The best part of the whole weekend though.
The very best part
Was getting to spend it with my mom.

Monday I worked till about 9:30 then I scooted down to Pike Place Market to get mom and hop a ferry to Bainbridge Island.
You all know what's on Bainbridge Island right?

Churchmouse Yarn and Teas

Quite possibly one of the most beautiful knit shops I've ever seen.
I bought three skeins of Jared Floods Loft to make some berets.
I bought a beautiful ball of Rowan to knit a sweet little gift for my sister-in-law (Bumps mom)
Mom bought a couple balls of yarn, some soap that the shop makes and sells, and she bought me the new Vogue KNitting Encyclopedia (updated version) I can't wait to really dig into this book! Thanks Mom!!

Betty always brings some delicious yarns to paw over and buy on the retreats and this year wasn't any different.
I bought three skeins of Malabrigo Sock and one skein of Manos worsted in a limey yellow green! It's going to make and amazing hat I think.
My Mom. She knit this sweater years ago and it's amazing, just like her.
We're looking forward to next year!!

If you haven't gone on a knitting weekend I recommend it for all knitters. It's an amazing thing to spend a weekend, doing what you love, with other people who love it as much as you do!

Happy Wednesday!


Auggy said…
I was sad to miss it this year. I've had so much fun the last few years I've gone. Maybe next year I'll actually fly out for it :D
Carmel said…
That would be awesome! I missed seeing you there!!
lincannon said…
It sounds like you had a yarny good time.

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