Upcoming Events!

It's November 1.
Halloween was terribly uneventful for us which is fine with me. Having two big dogs that go bezerk whenever the doorbell rings makes it difficult to effectively hand out candy to little trick or treaters without wearing Kevlar pants and steel toe boots. Plus, to get to our front door and down our driveway to get candy, you really gotta want it.

so, the lights stayed off.

Aside from the obvious upcoming events; Thanksgiving, Bumps 1st birthday, Big Brothers birthday, Miss A's first birthday as well as Christmas, it's almost time for the annual So Much Yarn knitting retreat on Langley.

This will be my fourth year going and I can't wait.

Know what's going to make it more awesome? 

My mom is flying out to join us! 

I'm so excited I'm in an absolute twitter about it.

We're going to head up early Friday and knit our little hearts out all weekend along with a few dinners at Prima Bistro.

I have 4 projects I need to pack for the trip and they are all Christmas Gifts for the kiddos... Of course knowing me I'll toss in another 6 just in case I get the first four finished.

I'll also remember to pack the knitting patterns for each project.

Remember last year? That's right, I got to Langley and realized that I had brought all the yarn but left the patterns at home...

I actually don't live that far from Langley but I really really didn't want to have to go home and get them.

This year though I'll have a back up on my phone thanks to my fancy app 'Good Reader' for iPhone and iPad... they are all right there whenever I need them. I think it costs about 4.99 for the app and well worth it.

I'll post pics from the retreat during the weekend, of course once the wine and martini's start flowing I can't guarantee photo quality... can't guarantee knitting quality at that point either...

I better stuff a garter stitch scarf in my bag to knit on as well...

Oh! I almost forgot... that's not true how could I forget, BW is here! he arrived Sunday, weighing in at over 8lb's and a full head of hair! Welcome to our corner of the world BW! I can't wait to meet you in person!

and.... My friend Brenda who I met years ago at knitting and has moved to San Francisco for work is coming up for retreat as well!!

Hope this week goes fast!!

I can't wait to see you mom!!


lincannon said…
What a wonderful trip. Have a MARELOUS TIME.

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