Bears Barn Owl.
We had a hockey game last night and while I'm normally so wrapped up in the game that I don't have time to knit, that was not the case last night.

Silvertips have had a rough go and the Red Deer Rebels really wolloped them last night.

So I knit.
I ate some dingleberries. Delicious.
and I knit some more. I have a feeling I'll be finishing this bad boy up by tomorrow and he'll be the star of the retreat. Isn't his color wonderful?


lincannon said…
Is this the retreat the Harlot will be? If so, you are very lucky she is great fun. I am jealous. I got to take a sock class from her once and had a marvelous time
lincannon said…
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Carmel said…
no it's not. this one is thru my LYS. I can't afford the yarn harlot retreats... although I love Port Ludlow. It would be cheaper for me to just rent a room there and knit for a weekend... which now that I think about it doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. hmmmm
lincannon said…
Sounds good to me. Yours sounds good too. Have a great and fun knit till you drop time.

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