Finished Object

Color Affection!
Nicknamed 'The Hot Mess' at one point. (short rows)
I'm in love. Full on head over heels in love with this shawl/scarf.
It's light and squishy but warm and cozy at the same time...
At one point I had some trepidation over my color choices for the short row section but that's a whisper in the wind.
After 3 weeks of short rows I can honestly say that while I don't love them they don't intimidate me like they used to... And I think it's my favorite part of the shawl/scarf
I feel that you will see me wearing this a lot.
So, without further adieu, here are the nitty gritties
Pattern: Color Affection
Designer: Veera Valimaki
Yarn: knit picks palette 2 in pennyroyal, 1 cyan, 2 fuchsia. 3.39 p/ball on their website. I actually bought the yarn during their cyber Monday sale after Thanksgiving for 2.00 p/ball... heck of a deal! Plus they have a huge selection of colors to play with!

Have I mentioned I love this?

Happy Thursday!


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