Four Years and 11 Days...

The other day while scrolling thru my Goodgle Reader I started reading The Yarn Harlot's blog and she was celebrating her 9 year blog anniversary, and I thought, geez I started mine in January... Let see how long I've been doing this and just for fun, lets see what I've accomplished over the past years.

The official Blog Anniversary date was January 15, 2009.
There have been months where I was super chatty and months where I was incredibly silent. I suppose if I delve deeper into the pyschological side of this I could pattern it after things that were happening in my life but that's a journey for another day and time, preferably around happy hour and not breakfast because without a doubt a heavy slug of vodka would be required and I don't think that will be beneficial in my green monster smoothie.

I love the blogging. I love posting the pictures of what I'm working on and I love the outlet for my crazy thoughts. The best part is that based on some responses they aren't as crazy as I think and that is what is my anchor.

So for fun, lets do the past four years by the numbers. I went thru my ravelry project page and while not every project was ever logged, and multiple projects were logged under one project here are the numbers and let me tell you some of them are astounding even to me.

Keep in mind I had to hand count these...

From 2009 - 2013 I have
Knit and finished a total of 212 projects (that i've logged)
14 pairs of socks
16 Turn a Square hats by Jared Flood
15 Erich's AF Knockoff hats
4 Baby Blankets
3 Citron Shawls by Hilary Smith Callis
4 Multnomah Shawls by Kate Ray
2 Lace Wedding shawls
19 assorted cowls
4 of which are gaptastic cowls
6 balls
5 Big Snowy owls, some not so big
2 Monkeys
1 Pig.

Including this posts I believe I've posted 545 blogs over the years...

Now those projects don't add up to 212 objects but for me they are the most significant numbers.

What else has happened in the past four years since we've met? I've had the opportunity to take some amazing trips with my Mom, my husband, and last October a group of friend who I love.

In the past four years our family added Miss A, and Bump.
I gave up Equal artificial sweetener for Lent and then discovered I didn't need my ADHD medication.

I designed one pair of fingerless gloves for my friend.
I created the Bang Bang chicken recipe posted somewhere in November 2011.

In October I added my fourth tattoo across the top of my foot.

Somedays it's hard to think up something to write. Some projects just drag on and on without progress so I feel bad about showing you one more row of stockinette.
Some projects I love so much I feel bad about inundating the blog with photos of it... except I can't help myself because I'm so thrilled by how it works.

I had a brief stint in a yarn shop that swelled my yarn stash beyond any knittable means.

You saw me attempt the 2012 Stash Busting challenge and I never admitted defeat till now but that challenge went right out the window with the announcement that my friend C was expecting little BW.

You've met my dogs who are by all rights crazy, gross, adorabe and so loveable that I can't help but write posts about them. How can you not love a baby Boxer Girl who is so obsessed with her ball that she sleeps with it at night, and when we return from vacation runs right to where she left it to make sure it's still there?

You've heard random conversations between D and I. That crazy as they sound are completely true and so enjoyable for me to go back and remember.

Reading back over the past four years, made me laugh, made me shudder, and made me think 'wow! I really made that?'

Thanks for reading/listening to me.
I love it and I'm looking forward to another four years, many more projects, conversations, vacations, and random little thoughts to share with all of you.

Happy Saturday and Happy Anniversary to not only me but all of you for sticking with me!
Here is a blast from the past... November 2009 I won a meat drawing in a barber shop. A 20 pound Turkey that D, my mom and I hauled to Port Ludlow for Thanksgiving and gave our very best effort to eat all 20lbs over 3 days.

Hey Mom, never november you get me again for Thanksgiving!!


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