Oh Balls!

I'm halfway thru the second to last short row repeat... Just in time to get used to trailing three balls around with me and my Color Affection.

Needless to say I'm pretty excited to be finished with this and wear it!

Happy Sunday!


Carmel said…
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lincannon said…
Can't wait to see it. Heading your way at the end of the week, we think we may bring some good weather with us. Let's hope so.
Carmel said…
Have a safe trip!! would love if you could bring nice weather :)
lincannon said…
We will try, baby girl has a cold so it could be tricky. She has no school next week so we are deignated caregivers, love every minute of it.
Making a top down cardi, started Monday, probably will have it done for her by Sunday. Hope I bring enough projects.
Will be whooshing your way with warmer weather.

lincannon said…
Ok I think the sun is somewhere up above covered by the fog. I thought we could bring some warmth with us too. We have baby girl all next week and we want to be able to go out side.
I thought because you didn't mention it again that you would not need the surgery. I feel for you this will be no fun and will test your sanity. But you will still have Pinterest and can plan everything you want to do. And I promise to pin things to tempt you.
Carmel said…
sounds awesome thanks!
chances are I'm going to try and push the surgery as late as possible in the year... just my style :)

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