best news ever!

Even though I am sitting here coughing and sniffeling into tissues, some of which have made it into the waste basket some haven't yet... (i'll grab them all up before I leave) Despite the fact that if you saw a picture of just my eyes you would swear I was an extra from the Walking Dead, I am giddy as a girl getting a pony for her birthday...

Why am I so excited you ask?
Well, I'll tell you...

One of my very best dearest friends just told me that her and her son are coming for a visit in May! EEEEK

I can't wait! There is so much to plan!

Megan and I circa 1999? in Monterey California
 Now, back to those tissues... they won't pick themselves up!


lincannon said…
Sorry you are ill. No fun at all. But when you recover you will have something fun to look forward to. get better soon.

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