Creature of Habit...

It's what I am. I don't deny it.
Call it habit, call it routine
For the most part I maintain the same pattern every day.
Get up between 3:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.
Feed the dogs
make the coffee
crack out two breakfast smoothies
pack up our lunches (usually leftovers from the night before)
grab a cup of coffee
take a shower
blah blah blah
out the door by 5:00 at the latest and on the road to work.

Now, toss into the mix an early morning trip to the dentist.
Instead of getting up at 4:00 I got up at five.
I didn't have to leave the house till 7:15.
I was able to drink more than one rushed cup of coffee before leaving the house (three cups)
The dogs thought it was the weekend and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting back in bed with my coffee for snuggle time with them, or why I wouldn't play ball, or why I was actually dressed in 'going out' clothes and not still in my jammies... (they probably didn't put that much thought into it but I like to think they did)
I was able to drink my smoothie at home, not try and haul it to work helter skelter hoping the container didn't bust open all over my yarn.

Traffic was a nightmare. Normally a trip to my dentist would take 20-30 minutes in rush hour, yesterday it took an hour. Fail

Upside, there was no charge for the repair he did. Win

Back into the heart of rush hour traffic at 8:30 a.m. took me over an hour to get to work. Fail
Lets look back and remember the 3 cups of coffee I had before I left... fail

Add to that I made a very unfortunate choice in footwear yesterday. I chose 3 inch heels. Watching me walk in heels is like watching a drunk duck walk across oiled linoleum. It's not pretty... Remember those three cups of coffee? I came into work at a run in my heels which made me look even more ridiculous than I did trying to walk normal...

I switched from knitting to crochet (temporarily) I was asked by Lillian if I would mind making a couple market bags for the Washington Boxer Rescue silent auction coming up, so I'm busily cranking them out... one is almost done. The balls for the other one are staring me down.

So while I am a creature of habit and routine, I get frazzled when something throws me off, I think yesterday was so out of whack that it went full circle and I was able to pull it off without ripping my hair out or tripping into the wall as I walk down the hall...  

Today's goal: Not to fall off my office chair... (this happens more than you would think)

Happy Friday!


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