Post Vacation Crash...

Last week was spent soaking up as much Arizona sun, baseball, and mom time as I could manage. It was wonderful. So wonderful that when it came time to come home neither D or myself wanted to leave. We could have easily stayed another week, possibly another two...

who am I kidding, I'd stay there forever.

As we were settling in to bed the first night I did one last check of my email and as I was glancing thru and deleting I saw I had received an email from my Arizona LYS Jessicas Knits.

all I saw was Sale and March 17.
I guess we all know what Mom and I did Sunday... The best part was that since it was St. Patricks day the sale involved drawing a coin from the lucky bucket and on the coin would be your discount...
I drew the 25% - the highest amount available! WOOHOO
I made a haul which will have to be explained and photographed later... Needless to say vacation was off to a good start.

just a couple girls headed to the yarn shop
There was a lot of baseball.

There was a professional hockey game involving the Phoenix Coyotes and the Vancouver Canucks. I'm pretty sure there were more Canuck fans than Coyotes... I tried to be neutral but that all went out the window when I sang the Canadian National Anthem as loudly as all the Canadians around me... for the record I also sand our National Anthem with the same fervor.

There was a lot of baseball (I know, I'm repeating myself but it's true, we saw a lot of baseball games and drank a lot of beer while sitting in the sun eating ball park nachos)

Mariners home field in Peoria

My two favorite ball parks if you are ever in Phoenix during Spring Training:
1. Make the drive to Good Year home of the Cinncinati Reds and Cleaveland Indians. I don't care if you don't like those two teams their AZ field is amazing and the nachos from Macayo's little stand are the best I've ever had... they pair nicely with a Pacifico while sitting behind home plate cheering on whatever teams uniforms look the sharpest that day!
Goodyear Ball Park

Second favorite had to be Talking Stick Stadium at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. This one is new and very very similar to Goodyear. The advantage being that it's more central to the Phoenix/Scottsdale 101 loop of fun whereas Goodyear is a good 50 minutes away... back to Talking Stick. The beer was first rate, the food... it's alright but we we're there for beer baseball...

Talking Stick night game. Home for Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks

Mom treated me to a facial at the club spa. Always amazing. Heck the whole club is amazing... I mean, how many women's locker rooms do you know keep a tray of high end perfumes around for just anyone to douse themselves in? Well this one does and let me tell you, I made good use of that Cartier... I also snapped a picture of the tray and sent it to my friend who immediately reponded 'Holy Sh!t, put that whole tray in your purse!' Tempting, unfortunately I only had my wristlet with me that day. I did smell fabulous though as I breezed back out into the sunshine.

We had dinner with friends.
We saw my aunt and uncle who were down visiting my mom.

Now... here's the discovery I made when buying another skein of yarn at another yarn shop...
Each year when I leave Scottsdale I've cast on a Multnomah Shawl by Kate Ray.
in 2010 I made it out of RYC Silk (I was wrong in my thinking that I made it out of Tye Dye Cotton although I did make a shawl out of that from Scottsdale)
In 2012 I took a skein of Eco wool and a skein of Noro and cracked one out for my mom on the flight home...
Friday afternoon while mom and I hit Knit Happens I picked up a ball of Noro Taiyo Sock in Color 9 and the pattern I went to... Multnomah.
apparently it's my March pattern and I won't complain. I really love making it and it's turning out amazing in the Noro...

Here's the crash:
I always feel a little blue after a vacation with my mom... I always wish I could stretch it longer, pack more minutes into the day with her, make more memories, laugh more, and just sit knit and be in her presence more...

Here is the memory of the trip...
Walking barefoot thru the family room (which mom forbids in the house in scottsdale because of scorpions) I stepped on something cold and it squished and it was on the dark oriental carpet. I look at the bottom of my foot and see red and immediately think 'great i killed something and it's guts are all over my foot' Of course verbally I'm freaking out and grossed out hopping on one foot toward my mom who says 'it was probably the dried apricot I gave Pal' and me with a horrified look on my face say back 'I don't think it was an apricot mom'.

turns out it was a blueberry that Pal spit out.
while he spits out blueberries he had no trouble licking my apple slices.

Mom hasn't laughed that hard at me since the time I tried to jump over the log at the beach and fell flat on my face...

I love this picture of us... I'm delighted to be sporting a
rival team sun visor and D is showing his grumpy
disappointment that he wasn't there to stop the



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