This project was started June 2009.
The summer it hit over 100 degrees here in Seattle for one week.

Knitting on this was lovely sealed in my room with the sun blacked out with blankets and four fans circulating the stifling air.

Since then it's been worked on here and there but because its been four years from the start it takes me a few rows to figure out what the F I was doing.

Plus after looking at it some more I found that its not going to be what I imagined it to be...

I decided today to rip it out.

Did you faint?

I'm a little light headed at the thought or maybe I'm hungry.

Yes. I'm going to rip it out.
I am going to make a lap a lap blanket using the same colors but in a basic, comforting, pick it up and knit whenever style.

Sorry old girl...
The beauty of knitting, as is with life, you always get do-over's if you choose to take them...

The truth is, you get as many do-overs as you want that's how you discover what you or your yarn is supposed to become

I've had lots of do-overs
They aren't scary if you remember why you're doing it...


lincannon said…
I almost passed out when you said you were ripping it out. OMG I feel like a dying diva for you.
Oh well, I have to rip something too and it is almost paralising. Rip ON.
Carmel said…
4 stripes left to rip... Already to cast on the new project!
lincannon said…
Oh you intrepid knitter you. I have to rip a sweater that I knit to the arm pits and know i do not have enough yarn. I swore there were 5 skeins and all I can find are 4.
You are going to have some good weather this weekend. Enjoy!
Carmel said…
I had a vest I screwed up so badly i had it in the time out pile for 3 years and finally got up the courage to rip it out... I used the ballwinder... it's the equivalent to ripping off a bandaind really fast!

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