Multnomah in Progress

I started this on March 23
On Saturday March 30th, I blew past the point in the pattern where you begin the feather and fan border. My excuse, we were all at Shorty's Beef n' Brew watching the Everett Silvertips vs the Portland Winterhawks... It was 60 minutes of very intense hockey.

Sadly hockey season came to an end for the Silvertips Monday. I've been in a state of hockey blues since... I'm not really prepared to talk about it so...

The reason I blew past my pattern change was because I was super focused on the hockey.

I had two choices at that point;
1. Rip it back ten rows
2. Do some simple math and figure out that I need to knit 18* 21 more rows before switching to the feather and fan... and pray that I don't run out of yarn... Turns out that Taiyo Sock has discontinued color #9 and bless my heart I only bought one ball...

19 rows to go to the switch.

*after reading thru this later and bragging about my simple math I realized that I typed 18 rows more and followed it with only 19 more rows to go...

Math has never been my strong suit... even simple math. (especially simple math)

My mom is proud of me I can feel it in my heart.


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