new toy...

my old lap top is getting sad in it's old weary ways.
it's heavy and clunky and it doesn't have a ten-key on it... which it turns out for my job when I work away from the office is a big deal.

the four gallons of mai tai's it consumed at Christmas didn't help matters either... it still worked though. although she doesn't relay sound as well as she used to.

so tonight off we went in search of a new one. i'm typing to you on it now.
i have no pictures on it yet. no music. nothing. but it's beautiful. it has a webcam. it's quiet. and it fits in most of my purses...

i'm super excited for the webcam because that means i can Skype with the nephews and niece back home! I've never done that before.

anyhoo, i'm pretty excited about this, not excited about a new operating system but it's not that bad. just have to learn something new.

good night everyone...
talk to you over the weekend! where we'll be attending the horse races, flash dance with friends and possibly some boxer dog snuggle time! hey, maybe I'll even finish my Multnomah. wouldn't that be something!


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