No Supervision

VK Live is in Seattle/Bellevue this weekend. In fact it's beginning right now!
I will be attending Sunday.
I will most like be attending alone, unless of course my friend L (non-knitter but receiver and connoisseur of knit things) ends up being free and coming with me...
Should I attend alone a number of things could occur.

1. I'll be nervous and arrive at the convention center 4 hours before the doors open.

2. I won't know which of my knit hats/scarves/shawls/sweaters/mittens/socks I should wear and will end up walking out of the house covered head to toe in everything I've ever knit. Most likely with a huge smile on my face.

3. I'll get to the marketplace and be so overwhelmed I'll spend my whole time in the time out lounge...

4. I'll meet a designer or blogger or other knitter I admire/stalk online and embarrass myself with open gushing and over sharing about how I've felt we are kindred spirits and are best friends and will you spend the rest of your day with me! (If anyone reads of security being called in post show notes from VK Live its highly probable they were called because of me)

5. I'll max out the credit card and have to leave town instead of go home and face the husband.

#2 is the most likely. I'm sure L will take pictures if that happens. Pretty sure #4 is likely as well...

I should go give everything a fresh blocking now so the fresh smell of wool-ite will cover the smell of stress sweat...

Happy Friday!

p.s. still blue about no hockey... Tonight is usually bowling/hockey night. Now it's just bowling night... As D said to me earlier
bowling-hockey night > bowling night.


lincannon said…
I am so Jealous!! we talked about going to see the kids in Kirkland this weekend. I could have attended. I talked hubby out of it. (various and sundry reasons) Please shop for me and share all you find and do. So exciting, new challenges and experiences, OOOOOOHHHHHH, Have FUN!!!
Carmel said…
I will! I'll try not to freak out and not take any pictures or take pictures of a completely random non-knitterly nature! Have a good weekend!

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