Post Hockey Blues...

I got em'
I got em' something fierce
I really love to watch live hockey
Love. It.
Maybe it stems from living in Northern Minnesota for a time or just living in Minnesota in general, but there is something about it that I love.

The Final Salute to the fans after Playoff Game Six which ended the season for the Silvertips.
I won't lie, it's possible I cried a little...

I love watching the players jump in the air to bring a puck back down to the ice and land on their skates.
How do they do that?
Or that they sometimes literally run on ice with blades.
again, how do they do that?
I can barely stand on ice let alone, run jump and skate on it...

For Christmas 2011 I bought D a last minute groupon type gift that was two tickets and a hat to our local WHL Hockey Team, the Everett Silvertips.
We went to the game.
D loved it.
I loved it.
I love the skewers of dark chocolate covered strawberries lovingly called Dingleberries!
Next thing I know we bought a half season pack of tickets.
This last year we bought season tickets. (I consummed a lot of dingleberries)

I looked forward to every single game this year.

I looked forward to dinner before each game because of this family...

The family is the five people in a row four rows from the top... They literally sit directly across
the ice from us.
They are absolutely delightful... You might remember the pink and green big bad baby blanket? It was for Jennifer, the daughter in law who is expecting their little girl in June.
I'm sad the season is over, not only because of the next five months of no hockey will be long.
I'll miss seeing them each week before the games, hanging out at the Irishmen, eating pepper gravy on our fries, consumming copious amounts of Irish beers, and laughing and teasing and basically delighting in each other.
we have made some tentative plans for the summer that include a bit of horse racing... Possibly on a party bus run by the Irish Pub we favor..

p.s. that bear standing on the wall is Lincoln. Cutest mascot ever and named for the USS Lincoln who spent some time in the Port of Everett back in 2005 and in Bremerton Washington in 2006. It currently resides in Norfolk VA. (the carrier not the bear)
Anyway. I'm a little blue.
I'm going to miss watching the players (ages range from 15-20)
I'm going to miss our pre-hockey dinners.  

See you next Season Silvertips!


Jennifer said…
I feel exactly the same way! It's not just the hockey but its the whole evening experience which starts at the Irishman with you two! It works so well with you and Dale being right in the middle age wise between Ardy and Keith and Craig and I. We truly have made some great friends this season! I did get emotional Monday night, I don't want the season to be over yet! I really hope we do get together for dinners, bowling, horse races, car races ect. This off season!
Carmel said…
we definitely will! I have no doubt that D will want to crash Sunday dinner again and we'll be having you all over soon!
lincannon said…
Love the yarn for the Multnomah, hope you have enough.
We are in full hockey mode at this house. When we lived in Seattle we would go to a game once in a while and watch them on TV. Now that we are here we watch all the teams on TV. I love to sit and knit and watch hockey.
Our son said that there was some negotiation going on for a BBall team and a hockey team too. It looks like we are keeping the BBall team We always wished that Seattle had a hockey team.

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