secret knitting and the busiest spring ever...

I have a finished object to share with you but I can't, because it's a gift and it won't be gifted till next Saturday. It's the most adorable thing. It's simple. It's soft. It's so cute I can't stand it!

Here's a tease...

Spring is in full swing here in Seattle and May is already chock-a-block full of activity.
This week we have three birthday's in the family. My father, our niece who is turning I believe 24, and D has a birthday! We are celebrating Friday with a family style BBQ, Saturday I have a work conference that goes all. day. long.

There's a baby shower.

There is this girls birthday (me) followed by oral surgery #1. Not the best birthday gift but it's not the first time I've sailed thru my birthday on pain killers. I believe my 30th birthday fell the same week I had surgery on my sinuses...

The week AFTER THAT my best friend from the MN is coming for a visit with her son Z and we will have a whirlwind tour of Seattle and greater parts of Puget Sound, including a spin on the Seattle Great Wheel!

Plus we're well booked into the summer with events! Prairie Home Companion Live, a little Minnesota for me! Paul McCartney, a Jazz Festival, and Harry Connick Jr. A sailing trip, camping with friends, and filling the rest of that time with boating, car racing, and training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day in September!


Do you have any idea how much knitting I'll get done at the concerts and the sailing trip? Tons I tell ya, TONS!


lincannon said…
Silly girl, sounds like you will be a whirlwind. And it really sounds exciting (except for the oral surgery)and a good time.
I know you will make me jealous when you go to Banks.
We will be up your way next week, hopefully bringing good weather. Doing a babysitting stint for grand baby girl.
Carmel said…
looks like the weather is supposed to be great the rest of the week! enjoy the visit with your granddaughter!
Carmel said…
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