Stitch Count..,

I don't know how many stitches I have on the needles at this point.
I'm sure I could do some simple math and get a general idea, but math is rarely simple for me so we'll scratch that notion.

I could just settle in and count by two's.
That gets tiring after 246 where I start forgetting how two's multiply - that whole math thing...

I can tell you this. On our drive last night it took me a half hour or so to knit across one row in the feather and fan pattern.

normally i would be itching and bitching to be done at this point but I'm so charmed by the border that I just keep knitting and increasing happily knitting each row a half hour at a time.

I also keep forcing photos of the border on everyone. I've started limiting it to one a day but I could easily show you all 45.8 million I've taken.

Don't worry, I won't.

Instead I'll just keep knitting and admiring my clever choice and once a day sharing one delicious fiber photo...

Are you wondering where the one photo a day is posted? It's on my Instagram Feed and Twitter... You can check me out on both!


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