Tantrum Tuesday

this picture was taken two weeks ago. they were watching me eat lunch.


an hour ago if you had asked me how my morning was I would've answered:
'tuesday can go and jump off a f&*^%ing cliff'

- My travel coffee mug some how got Wool-ite in the lid and I can't seem to get it out so I left that at home. (things that happen when you block knit items in your kitchen)

- The delicious fruit, soy protein, uber healthy breakfast smoothie I made for myself is still sitting at home.

- My beautiful Multnomah shawl that I was going to wear today is still draped on the back of the chair waiting for me to grab it and wear today.

- a coworker and i scared the crap out of each other at 5:45 a.m. he thought it was so funny he did it again... I didn't think the second time was nearly as funny as he did.

the bright side (because I can always find one after the haze of annoyance clears)

- The smoothie will be my afternoon snack instead of breakfast.

- My coworker is probably too busy for the rest of the day to scare me again.

- I had a cashmere cowl in the car that I was able to wear since I forgot my Multnomah... mmmm cashmere.

- I was able to grab a cup of coffee right after it brewed in the lounge which is about the only time it's drinkable.

it's getting better...

Plus it's a beautiful sunny day in Seattle...
as soon as I bust out of here it's out in the sun for me!


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