too much irish...

In my glass that is! Happy Friday!
Post bowling I talked D into going to the Irishmen for dinner. As the name of the pub indicates it is run by an Irish man... serving traditional Irish fare with traditional Irish hops on tap.
I typically favor a half&half (half Harp half Guinness) but lately I've been going full Harp.

We typically hit the Irishmen before a hockey game with our friends. Well since Silvertips hockey has been over for a couple weeks now I've been missing our weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, dinners there... not to mention the pepper gravy... Seriously, if you come to Everett Washington, you need to go to the Irishmen and get an order of crispy fries with a side of pepper gravy... life changing.

tonight was particularly good.

Prior to the too much Irish in my glass I made a decision this afternoon.
I'm on the final repeat of the lace pattern on the Multnomah.
One row of lace pattern
One row of plain knitting
One row of binding off

except for one minor hiccup...

Too much Irish in my glass...

In regards to the tragedy in Boston and the capture of the surviving bomber...
Earlier this week, fellow blogger as well as knitwear designer Thea Coleman of the blog Baby Cocktails put a post posted 'A Chance to Help'.

At times like these when some of us are so far away from the actually moment we wonder, what can I do, and will it make a difference.... whatever you do, pray, donate blood, donate money, hug a stranger. It makes a difference. Anything that will take someones mind off of the tragedies that happened this week will make a difference.

Friends of Thea's sisters were critically injured during the bombings at the Boston Marathon and a fund has been set up to help cover the medical expenses... You can visit Thea's site here and there is a link on her site that leads to a page to make a donation to help with the medical expenses.

In light of all that has happened this week, again we will overcome, we will do exactly what the radicals hate about us...

we will make our own choices.
we will celebrate freely.
we will love everyone.

it's who we are
it's what we do

My thoughts and my prayers are with the citizens of Boston and with West, Texas, I hope that everyone finds peace. With time, they will find happiness... It'll be a little more bitter and with that a little more sacred.

love your family, love your neighbors



lincannon said…
I could not believe that you were talking about the couple who were mentioned in the Sacramento Bee this morning, she is from Sacramento. I could not believe it when I read it this morning about how they were both struck. So senseless. Thank you for mentioning them, our local community is rallying around them also.

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