Day 2: Low Tide, Lighthouse Park, Woodland Park Zoo and...

Based on the fact that Friday night was full of laughing, catching up, some new revelations and a lot of cosmos, we got a bit of a late start on Saturday morning... But no worries, we were in plenty of time for the lowest tide of the season along the Puget Sound and lucky for us Mukilteo is right along the Puget Sound. So after a loungey breakfast of pancakes, *a visit from the police, and a shower we were on our way to the waterfront.

It couldn't have been more perfect. There were nature guides there explaining what we were seeing and Z got a chance to see the stuff in the wild that he saw at the aquarium the day before. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that after living in Mukilteo for 10 years I've never explored low-tide. I had a blast and intend to drag D down there next time.

Mukilteo also has a light house. It's out of commission but is a huge tourist attraction and once again, first time in 10 years that I've ever gone into it. We were allowed to climb to the top and the volunteer guide obligingly blinded us with the light... I'll watch out for her next time I climb up there!

Then it was off to Woodland Park Zoo!
I love going to the zoo and the one in Seattle is spectacular. If you are in the area visiting definitely hit the zoo! Not only are the animals wonderful, just to walk it is relaxing and beautiful. We reached the zoo at what turned out to be nap time for the animals but there were enough of them awake and busy that I believe Z enjoyed that as well, plus he was able to see the Elephants, which the Minnesota Zoo does not have...

We wandered the afternoon away and before we knew it 5:00 p.m. had rolled around and it was time to make our way home for dinner with D.

However we had one more stop to make.

The Freemont Troll.
He lives under the Aurora Bridge on the Freemont side.
Clutching a very real VW Bug in it's troll hand.

We were only going to do a drive-by but when we circled back and saw a spot so we parked and Z got out to see the Troll close up...

Do I even need to say it?
It was all troll talk all the way home and a good part of the next day.
It was a hit!

Stay tuned for Day 3: A Train and a Game.

Z and M exploring the shoreline

The Ferry headed to drop off passengers and cars on Whidbey Island

Star Fish Clinging to a rock during low tide

Z popping kelp bubbles like my brothers and I used to... actually I think my brothers
would whack me with them.

I'm pretty sure he posed for me

Like I mentioned above... nap time for the jaguar



This goat was in a pen... I was enjoying his devilish grin.

Z and the Freemont Troll
*The police were at our house to show Z their patrol car, flash their lights, give him some stickers and let him sit in the car... I was not the focus of their visit. :)

Happy Thursday!


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