On This Day...

It's my birthday today and last night I was thinking back to the day I was born... I don't know what was going on that day, I suppose I could do a google search and find out, maybe I'll do that later.

I do know this.
I was adopted and I know that on this day my mom got the phone call that I was on my way.
I know that her and my dad and my older brother flew to Wyoming to meet me and bring me home.
I know that hours after I was born I was in my mom's arms for the first time.

I can imagine what she was thinking then
I can imagine her joy.
I can imagine her tears at discovering not only did she have a healthy new baby with black hair but that she had a daughter.
I can imagine her talking to me, telling me all her hopes and dreams for me.
I can hear her whispering "this is your big brother" and "welcome little one"
I can imagine when she said my name for the first time. Carmel. Her favorite town in California.

But the best part is of this story is this...

She chose me.

Happy Birthday to me and my mom. It's the day we met, 39 years ago,  and it was the beginning of everything we are now...

isn't she stunning, surrounded by all her tomatoes!
 a yarney post is coming tomorrow... :)


lincannon said…
Of course you made me cry. We have three adopteds in the family but to me they are not adopted, "they are FAMILY" forever and ever. I adore each and every one of them and so do their mothers. They are so proud to have them and so is your mom.

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