sunday in spring

yesterday I was trapped inside all day at a coding (work) conference. It was gorgeous outside. The view from the top of the Edmond's library didn't help. It's a sweeping view of the Puget Sound, the Kitsap Peninsula and further out the Olympic Mountain Range.

By the time it was over it was 76 degrees and pushing 5:00 p.m.

I hit the store on the way home picked up a couple T-Bones, some iceberg, blue cheese, bacon and some more tonic water...
By 6:00 that meat was on the grill, The iceberg wedge salad was ready and I had a full V&T out in the sun.

It was perfect.

D had done some work in the bedroom yesterday while I was gone and I took advantage of the furniture being shifted to vacuum where the sun don't shine in there... That's where the allergies really kicked up...

So I took two Benadryl and settled in to watch a movie...

when I woke up this morning (man that Benadryl knocks you out fast)

still a bit stuffy
sun shining brightly
I took a bunch of my knits outside to air
I washed a bunch of my hats that I wear all winter
I am blocking a cowl and beret on the dining room table as I type and then I found my Cream and Sugar cowl knit in Plucky Emerald City and then I glanced toward part of the stash that is stored on my coffee table and saw the Blue Moon Oopsie Daisies that Marcy picked up for me at Madrona...

well I think it's pretty clear what's about to happen.
I better pop a second pot of coffee on and drag out my winder! It's a perfect day to sit outside and knit while my head clears of the Benadryl fog and de-stuff's from the dust :)

Pattern is Cream and Sugar Cowl by Alana Dakos
Model on the pattern is the beautiful Julie C. From Knitted Bliss, mother, knitter, blogger and all around lovely person from my interactions with her via the webiverse.


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