The Visit: Day 1 Aquarium, Pike Place Market, and the Mummy.

This will be a 3 part series only because of the amount of photos I took (nothing compared to what M took but still a fair amount)

Friday Morning my best friend from Minnesota and her son Z arrived in Seattle.
They quick cabbed it to my office and we were off and running after a trip to the bank machine and gas station in the dodgy end of town... (dodgy because shootings, muggings and stabbings have occured there)

We headed for the waterfront!
Luckily the weather was perfect. Not to hot, not to cold and not raining at all.
Z was very focused. He wanted to go to the aquarium and so we headed straight there.
Post Aquarium we hit 'Ye Olde Curiousity Shop' so Z could meet Sylvester the Mummy. The same mummy that was there when I was Z's age. I love sharing that bit of continuity and history with him!
We had lunch along the water then did the Pike Street Stair Climb... ugh!
A quick cruise thru Pike Place Market, grabbed some fresh fish for dinner. Z was able to see them throw the fish at a tourist who caught it!
A run thru Sur La Table becuase I needed a cocktail shaker (first bad decision of the day)
and then we were back at the car after aquiring two martini glasses at World Market...

All that being said, here are the photos of Day 1.
Z had a blast. He loved our dogs and they loved him. He was incredibly gentle with Gabby and her bad legs and with a little encouragment wouldn't let Mr. Brown push him around.

I loved having them both here for the weekend and we had a blast as you'll see over the next few days.

I did get some knitting done on Sunday but didn't take any pictures... my bad.


Sea Otters... just spinning all day long. I love them. I've loved them my whole life. They were my favorite part of the aquarium

tidepools at the aquarium

feeding and informative talk on Commander the seal. Z is in the orange shirt.
fascinated by all they are saying about Commander

Z and his mom my best friend M.

and with his new friend Sharkey

The Seattle Great Wheel... Didn't get on it this time but I will soon!
Brews with our fish and chips!

You can count your blessings that the pictures for Day 1 stop here... I didn't stop taking them here but I'm using my own judgement which about an hour and a half after this picture was taken took a heady dive downhill with the first of many cosmopolitans on the back deck.

Coming tomorrow (or later today) Day 2: Low Tide, the Zoo and a Seattle Landmark every 5 year old boy should see!


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