Brand New Skein...

I'm getting a brand new skein of yarn in the mail today.
I'm pretty excited.
Excited enough that I keep manically checking the tracking information to see how close it might be to my house.
It's still in Seattle.
Technically, if you are going by distance, I'm probably closer to it now than I will be later today when its delivered at home.
It's sock yarn
It's a wonderful shade of green.
It's going to actually be a pair of socks.
Not a hat
Not mittens (although that's not a bad idea)
Not a shawl.
Not a cowl.

I'm going to knit a pair of socks
Specifically I'm going to knit the Ivy Trellis Socks from Botanical Knits.
It'll match my hat that I just finished.
I'm pretty excited.

oh and I also just ordered a bunch more yarn to make some more Color Affection Shawls for myself and a friend for the rapidly approaching Silvertips Season!

Happy Wednesday...

I'll tell you more about this nugget cover tomorrow


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