copy cat complete...

So like I was saying yesterday... D and I were shopping Sunday morning for some new riding gloves for him when I was drawn like a bug to an electric zapper to a hot pink hat with a massive pom pom on top.

Massive pom pom, which leads me to believe that while I find pom poms in general annoying, I find the extreme massive ones absolutely delightful and whimsical.

The inspiration... isn't that pom pom amazing?
I knew I could copy the pattern of the hat. So after much examining, touching, a few discrete photos then a glance at the price tag... On sale! Marked down from $26.50. I looked quickly to see what kind of fiber was used... 100% acrylic.

So, I talked D into buying it for copying purposes and I was off and running.

I counted stitches around the ribbing.
I counted stitches around the cable pattern. There were no tricky increases. It maintained the same stitch count all the way around.

I wrote a few notes and then as I got wrapped into the knitting my notebook fell by the wayside.
When I reached the time to do the decreases last night I thought to myself 'you really should go downstairs and write this down, you'll regret it'

I was so excited I didn't listen to myself. I whipped thru the decreases to finish and voila! An almost exact replica... Almost exact because, well I don't have a pom pom maker that could generate a pom pom of this magnificence... I actually don't own a pom pom maker. looks like a trip to the craft store is in order.

Plus I made the ribbing section a smidge longer.

I need to wash it and let it dry. I have a feeling it'll be a tad more slouchy than it's Fox Cousin...

I'll go thru it again and see if I can figure out what kind of increases I did. If that doesn't work, well, I have more yarn, I can crack out another one, which only took me a day... so once I figure it out and write it up I bet it'll be a fast knit for everyone!

Bulky weight yarn about 175 yards. I used Knit Picks Peruvian Bulky. 100% wool.
Size 9 needles for ribbing
Size 10.5 for the crown
Size 10.5 dpns for shutting it down

I love that the pink is so bright it practially pulses and glows in the pictures.


Julie Crawford said…
It looks awesome! You nailed the copycat, for sure. Love it!
Carmel said…
Thanks! I washed it last night and I might toss it in the dryer this afternoon, it's a bit bigger than I thought it would be but it'll be a good slouchy warm hat come winter :)

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