So this is Happening...

D needed to pick up some new gloves over the weekend and as I was browsing thru the store this gorgeous hot pink hat caught my eye...
Folded brim.
Fat cables.
Biggest Pom Pom ever on top.
Did I mention the hot pink? Because this photo doesn't do it justice, it's electric!

As I studied the hat I thought 'I can knit this'
So I started thinking I'll take a bunch of photos and then go from there.

Well nothing stands out more than some crazy lady snapping pictures of a hot pink hat.

It was on sale so I sweet talked D into buying it for me. Much easier for comparison knitting...

The original hat is 100% acrylic with a wicked seam up the back. Plus it was originally priced at $26.50

I'm using 100% wool and doing it in the round. Seamless and clean looking.

I'm actually almost to the third twist, then I get to figure out decreases.

Then I get to do it all again and write down more specifically what I'm doing this time... :)

On a side note, I've been silent lately because I'm trying work something out in my personal life and my personality is warring with my common sense... It's always hard to make a decision that means the ending of something but when that something is no longer a positive point in your life you have to step away for a bit and let it breath.

It's never easy though, and its making for some very uncomfortable moments in my world.

Don't worry, it has nothing to D. He & I will be together forever... ❤


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