This Dude is 11 Today... That's 77 in dog years (this is a dog love post so avert your eyes if you don't love your dog)

It's hard to believe that he's 11 already.
He still behaves like he's two with the exception that he sleeps a little more than he used to.
He was just over a year when we brought him home.

He's my boy.
I love him so much.
He makes me happy when I'm sad.
He makes me laugh whether I want to or not.

He hates having his picture taken.
He loves to steal and eat cake.

He loves to eat paper.
He hates turkey basters full of hydrogen peroxide (this happens when he eats too many cupcakes or too much paper)

He loves his Veterinarian.

He hates Bitter Apple, he'll bark at whatever object you've sprayed it with. Especially if he wants to lick it. We used to spray it on my brother in laws legs since Mr. Brown would lick them like a popsicle.

He loves to play with puppies and look out the windows.

He gets loungey on car rides.

I taught him how to eat off a fork, a habit that D is less than proud of.

Loud noises in the kitchen scare him but if you're trying to sneak something out of the fridge at 2:00 a.m. he is as stealthy as a cat and will be standing right behind you waiting for his share.

He knows that when D is at work on Saturday mornings that he's allowed in bed to snuggle with me.
If you read a list of foods that are harmful to dogs, It's a sure bet he's eaten and enjoyed most of them.

If D is drinking a glass of whiskey, Mr. B will sit there and stare at him till he dips his finger in and gives him a lick.

He'll also suck the foam off your Guinness if you aren't looking...
heck he'll do it even if you are looking.

He's brought so much love and laughter to our home.

He'll take you to the floor if you come in with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

He loves to be spanked and hates having his nose flicked...

guess how we discipline him?

Happy Birthday Old Man.

You're getting a Happy Meal tonight to share with your sister...
p.s. I get the toy.


Chris Fransen said…
Happy Birthday Mr. Brown! Love the stories of you and Gabby
Julie Crawford said…
Aww, what a cutie pie!! Happy Birthday,doggy Dude!

Karen said…
Happy Birthday pup, you are one lucky and well loved boy!

Your post made me laugh and read it out loud to my partner, but it made me tear up too.

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