Visit Day Three: A Train and a Game...

M's husband is a huge Minnesota Twins fan.
Therefore Z is following in his dad's footsteps and is also a Twins fan.

Well, it worked out that the Seattle Mariners were playing at home the weekend they came to visit, not against the Twins, but a ball game is a ball game and they are always fun. Especially at Safeco Field.

What's not fun is getting into town for a game and paying $40.00 to park.
That's not fun at all and really cuts into souvenir food and beer money.
Lucky for us the Sounder Train (usually a weekday commuter train)  makes special runs to sporting events on the weekends and they were running the Sunday of the game.

We woke up, gobbled up some warm, fresh from the oven monkey bread and then made our way down to the Mukilteo Train Station.

The coolest thing about this train is that the route is along the water pretty much the whole way till you hit Seattle so there was a ton of cool stuff to look at like a shipwreck, low tide, and dogs playing at the beachside dog park in Edmonds.

40 minutes later we were in the parking lot of Century Link Field where the Seahawks play which is right next door to Safeco where the Mariners play.

Z was cold so we ducked into a team store and M found him a Sounders sweater (Seattle's Soccer Team) and we were on our way to grab a hot dog on the street then make our way up to the third deck at Safeco.

We were playing the Texas Rangers.
Let me note here... The Mariners are really playing horrible this year... but it's still fun to hang out at the field.

Z seemed to enjoy himself and get into all the fun stuff they do between innings.
We made a run to the souvenir shop and I bought him a Felix Hernandez shirt that he wore the rest of the day over his sweatshirt.

The game looked like it was going to be a blowout in favor of the Rangers...
Then the Mariners woke up and the game was close.
Then it was tied.
It went on for a full 13 innings.
I started to cave after eight innings.
Z held strong till the bottom of the 13th.
The Mariners won and we booked it back to the train.

It was a full day of baseball and Z had a blast! His mom surprised him with a souvenir bat that really made his day...

The rest of the day was low key seeing as how we didn't get home till 6:30, we grabbed pizza out in town and then all hit the hay early as we had to get up early to deliver Z & M to the airport for their trip home...

13 innings.
I never would have stayed if we had driven.

ready to go!

checking out the low tide all the way to Seattle...

Checking out the pre-game activity while munching his pretzel and pointing out the Mariner Moose!

tricked out Seattle Style!

ready to be done... I know how you feel dude I felt the same way...

We had such a good weekend with M & Z visiting! I hope they come back soon and for a longer visit, we still have a lot to see!
happy Saturday!
Today D and I are attending a Liquid Arts Festival which is spotlighting all local distilleries, breweries, and wineries... thank goodness the ticket includes appetizers
Also, our friends granddaughter arrived Thursday evening and I got a peek at her yesterday... Mom and Baby are fine and she is the most beautiful little girl! 7lbs, 3oz 18 inches and a full head of curly black hair. I can't wait to cuddle and play with her more once she's home!
Welcome to the world Baby B! I promise to finish your boots asap!


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