3 Day's and 60 Miles

Back in 2007 I signed up to walk the Breast Cancer 3 Day.
The training is tough but it's really more toughening up your feet.
It's the people you meet. Survivors, family members of survivors, people walking in rememberance of loved ones who were lost to breast cancer.
It's a huge grippingly emotional event. I loved it.
We all planned to do it again but as it always happens, life got in the way, until this year.

Left to Right: Me, Alyssa, Tami, and Amy.
Alyssa Tami and I are teamed up again.

Part of our team are back together to walk again and make a difference.

That's where all of you come in.
You can help us make a difference by making a donation to my walk.
My Goal is $5000.00 and I am 27% there...

Any amount helps.

You can click the button at the top right of this page or you can follow this link here...


Everyone is touched by breast cancer. It's a devastating disease, taking our loved ones from us much to soon.

We all need to help find the cure. To honor those who have fought and lost as well as those who have fought and won.

Please consider helping.


These pictures are from our walk in 2007.


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