That's pretty much a solid description of what my worlds been like lately.

The first few weeks of July have had some serious ups and downs.

I would say things are starting to level out but I don't want to jinx myself...

I think I'll go knock my head head twice on my wooden door.

I'm knitting but it's funk knitting. Nothing massively productive but all stuff I want to be productive with, if that makes any sense.

I jacked up the heel of my Ivy Trellis Socks and had to rip it back. I set it aside after that and just haven't picked it up again...

I started the third contrast color on my mom's color affection shawl and still have 8 repeats of that to accomplish.

I finished the straight knitting on my fingering weight simple beret and am ready to start the decreases, BUT I keep forgetting to grab stitch markers...

On the other hand I've been reading more... I do bounce back and forth between reading and knitting at nght.

 The book I'm currently reading is one my friend loaned me while we were camping at Crescent Bar... turns out she really likes crime drama.

Apparently I do too because I'm totally sucked into the book.

on a side note I also don't get out of bed in the dark any more after putting it down each night.

I'll do a review of it once it's complete with title, author, and scare rating.

My scare rating right now on a scale of 1 - 10; 1 being a ride on the swirling tea cups at DisneyWorld and 10 being trapped in the Hotel with Jack Nicholson from the Shining...


It doesn't help that I have an overactive imagination, it really makes things worse.

Like instead of calmly walking to my car every morning I do a crazy run walk, dive in with my coffee cup, purse, and lunch bag flailing wildly around me and frantically hitting the lock buttons lest someone lurking in my heavily pruned shrubs jumps out at me...

Only bunnies live in my shrubs, it's a regular Watership Down in the hedge I share with the neighbors.
Cooter the raccoon and his family moved away. I haven't seen them for a while.

that's really it for now. I'll try and grab some W.I.P pictures to share with all of you!

p.s. we saw Sir Paul McCartney the other night live in concert down at Safeco Field. If you've never seen him live and you get a chance, grab it. It's amazing!

I'll tell you about that tomorrow!


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