Good Morning!

I'm on the other side of the country sailing right now...
I brought three projects with me.
1. Fingering weight Simple Beret for Margie I finished en route to Boston.
2. Baby Socks I started on the airplane and finished one on day two aboard Destiny.
3. I'm back on track with my Ivy Trellis Socks after a brief tipping of the heel, restarting and fudging a bit with the stitches.
4. My moms Color Affection is down in our cabin which is in the bow of the ship.

The days have been lovely.
We arrived in Camden late Tuesday and the next morning we did an unguided walking tour and found The Cashmere Goat... A yarn shop! It wasn't open though.
We'll disembark there next week again and calmly walk our way over... Who am I kidding, it's my mom and I, we'll freaking run! From peering stalker-like thru the windows they have a nice variety of yarn but after some research we discovered they have some local wools and alpacas... My souvenir gift list is getting shortened as I type to allot some cash flow to the local yarn buying spree I'm planning!

I'm traveling with my mom and her new husband the ever wonderful G whom I adore.

He's sailed these waters for years and knows so much about all the boats that come out of this area. It's a wonderful trip.

Happy weekend!


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