A Decade...

10/6 will mark a decade married to D.

As a preamble to our anniversary I like to find out what the 'traditional' and 'modern' gifts are for each year we are married.

This year the 'Traditional' is Tin or Aluminum
The 'Modern' is Diamonds

D said, looks like you're getting a case of beer and a disposable turkey pan.
My friend states that Tin and Aluminum mean a trip on an airplane. I liked her answer better.


After work yesterday I had an appointment with the oral surgeon to discuss the implant to replace the broken tooth they took out back in May.
Looks like there will be some bone grafting in addition to screwing the titanium implant into my jaw.

FYI if you aren't aware, oral surgery isn't covered under your medical insurance it's covered under your dental. My dental coverage for these types of procedures is less than savory so my out of pocket for this procedure will be $3824.00. Due the morning I check in.

I emailed D this morning and said: 'looks like I'm getting titanium for our anniversary this year'

Hey, at least it's not an Aluminum roasting pan from the grocery store!


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