A Finished Object...

Actually I think I have a few that I need to catch up on but it's been crazy around here... When the weather is good in the Pacific Northwest you feel an obligation to be outside enjoying it... You've all heard of the famous Catholic Guilt? Well here in Washington we have 'Good Weather Guilt'. By gosh don't waste that nice day doing chores inside, watching TV, knitting, or taking a lazy loungey day... We save those for winter which is probably why my house is a lot less hectic looking in the winter than it is in the summer. Things get a little loose around the house in the summer, but then we aren't really home to see it so...

Back on track.

I have a finished object for you.
It's a baby blanket that I cracked out in five days for a friend of mine who is expecting her third child.
I love it so much.

It's the Chevron Baby Blanket

I used Cascade 128 Superwash...
I couldn't tell you the colors I chose except for Cerise and Ecru... those are the ones I remember, Oh and Tutu... the names for the purple's elude me.

Size 10.5 needles.
Two Skeins of the Ecru
Half a skein each of the others (obviously you can't purchase half a skein, what  nightmare that would be for yarn shops!)

Don't worry, I have a plan for the left over skeins... Every new baby needs a blanket and they need something to cuddle. I'm going to do a toy pattern by Rebecca Danger with the leftovers. It's going to be wonderful!

I'm happy to report that my friend, her husband, her daughter, and son are all excited and love the baby blanket.

For my birthday my friend M had a stamp made for me of
Mr. Brown holding my yarn so I now have an official
label! Thanks M!!

It's so incredibly soft and squishy and full of texture and bright colors.

It feels amazing when I touch it!

I also have two more baby blankets in progress and one waiting in the wings... actually the yarn will be sitting on my front porch later today after FedEx makes is delivery... It'll be a boy version of this one.

Big Bad Baby Blanket for our neighbor

Pine Forrest Baby Blanket for my cousin and his wife expecting their first child


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