My yarn stash isn't hidden.
It's not squirrelled away where no one can see it.
It's not tastefully displayed in a dedicated craft room (yet)

It is in my living room
It's too large to hide
It's too large to display tastefully without covering every available surface and selling all my books.
My book shelf isn't large enough anyway.

I've gone thru it multiple times.
I've gone thru it and brutally culled out yarn that I would never knit with
Yarn that was great when I was first learning but as with all learning experiences your tastes refine and where you thought that acrylic glitter fun fur blend was amazing early on you shudder at the fact that it now is sharing space with a merino silk blend in the most lovely colorway.

I may have knit with an acrylic blend
okay it was 100% acrylic but what did I know 13 years ago?

I never knit with fun fur.
That stuff freaks me out.

My stash generates a lot of comments from friends who come visiting

"wow! that's a lot of yarn"

In comparison to what? A yarn shop? no this is a very small amount in comparison to that.
Your grandmothers knitting stash, possibly a smidge bigger (a lot bigger)

"you'll never ever have enough time to knit all that"

That has yet to be determined. I haven't had a week off where I am home alone with all my chores done, no dogs or husband to feed and clean up after. I think if I had a solid week or two alone with no distraction, a slew of movies in queue to watch I could amaze all of us with what I would get done.

"Whoa, got yarn?"

yes, yes I do.

"what are you going to make with all of that stuff"

I don't know.

"What were you thinking when you bought all this"

First let me point out that this has accumulated over years of knitting. A large chunk of it was given to me by my mom, another large chunk of was bought when I worked in a yarn shop. (side note: want to pad your stash? Go work in a yarn shop, even one day a week and you'll be amazed how fast your stash will grow)
It's possible that there is yarn in there that I blacked out while buying... for example 16 skeins of pale pink cascade 220 when it went on sale for 4.25 a skein. That being said, it wasn't all purchased in one fell swoop although a yarn shopping spree with unlimited funds would be amazing.

I need to sit for a minute while I think about that.

"You know senior living facilities love getting donations of yarn"

I'm sure they do, I have no yarn to donate.

"wow! that's a lot of sock yarn, what do you do with it all"

love it.

These are a few things people have said to me over the years. If you aren't a knitter it's very hard to explain my collection, that's how I refer to it. I collect it. I love it. I touch it. I pull it out a couple times a year and remember why I bought it. It's comforting.

It's my stash and I am not above strip-searching any knitting friends who come to visit. It may be awkward for you but I would expect the same if I was visiting your house...

The stash is getting moved this weekend to a new room in the house.
I need to find some shelving and a comfortable chair.
A good light and hook up the dvd player...

I'm looking forward to long winter days, snuggled down in my knitting room, watching movies, knitting, and snuggling with all my yarn.

It's like I'm nesting in anticipation of buying something new...
Which I did.
It arrived yesterday.

comment that's not normally said outloud
"she's a little bit crazy isn't it"

What was your first clue?

Happy Thursday!


Linda Cannon said…
You made me feel a whole lot better. Yarn seems to have an urban sprawl to it. Glad you are getting a special place.
Ms. Kimba said…
I would need searched if I came to your house then left............ ;)

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