It's getting close!

Hockey Season is literally a week away! I'm so excited! I love hockey! However I will be missing the opening game as I'll be passed out in my 3-Day tent with teammate Alyssa after walking 20 miles that day!

Side note: it's not to late to make a donation and I still need about $300.00! If you're interested in donating to my walk just click the button at the top right of this page!

Back to hockey...
Goalies are my favorite, and Lotz is my favorite goalie! He's also the cover photo for our season tickets this year.

Being painfully shy and awkward among people I'm a fan of my friend Ardy stepped up and had my book signed.

She's a great friend!

The other part of hockey season is spending time with Ardy and her family.
We meet up for dinner before almost every game.

They're our hockey family and we love them. :)

Happy Friday!

I'll probably have another finished object post for you later today!


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