New Adventure... on the side

Last week I was approached by the owner of America's Knitting asking if I would like to be a moderator of her Ravelry group.
At first I hesitated because I've never really involved myself with the groups I belong to on Ravelry and the little I did ended when I was scolded by someone for, god forbid, sharing a project not by the designer that said group worshipped.
However, I am friends with Mary, and I love America's Knitting. She's posted many of my finished projects and is the nicest lady I've talked with, so today I began the adventure of moderator.

I hope all of you will come over and join the group and try and keep me on my toes!
I ran the So Much Yarn Facebook page before I left 3 years ago and I really enjoyed that so I think this will be a similar outlet.

Now, I'm of to cover this grey hair that's creeping out of my skull...
Have a great day and come find me on the America's Knitting Raverly Group!

I'll also try not to cross post and repeat what I say here, there and vice versa :)
Unless I'm super proud of something and then I'll post it everywhere on the web because I'm crazy like that!!
happy Saturday!


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