deserves a homemade cake today.
it was rough yesterday before and after the Seahawks game.
you know the game where we trounced the SF 49er's.
there was some miscommunication/late communication/lack of communication
and it caused for some snarky, snappy, accusatory moments.

It's the perfect time for this...
I've been saving it for a day like yesterday.
picture found on pinterest
That being said.
I only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night...
someone might be getting two cakes.


Julie Crawford said…
Haha, that is SO awesome! I've got to do that sometime, it's amazing.
Carmel said…
The store didn't have any cakes last night but they had the pink iced sugar cookies and I did it on that with black icing... I left it on the counter for him when he came up from eating his dinner... he laughed very hard. :)

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