In a follow up to last nights post.

It may or may not be fact that I may or may not have printed out seven additional patterns to bring on my retreat this weekend.

It may or may not be possible that I'm mentally searching my stash and pairing up yarn with the theoretically printed patterns.

It may or may not be possible that I've gone off the deep end.

It may or may not be possible that I am delusional in thinking that I can finish

Ivy Trellis Socks
Watermelon Socks
Beans Hockey Sweater

and cast on

The Age of Brass and Steam
Matching hats for Bump, M and C
Ankle Socks for me
Nasturtium socks for me
Baby socks for everyone (trust me, every time I sneeze someone tells me they're pregnant, or at least, that's how it feels)

oh my

no wonder D gives me sideways looks from time to time, it's not because he's thinking 'wow, she's mine, aren't I lucky' it's probably more 'whoa... look what I got hooked up with, a big batch of crazy'


Crazy adds spice to life 


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