restraint... it don't live here

It's just like I said.
Every year I try to be cool and collected and bring only what I have a possibility of finishing.
Then I check Ravelry.
Then I remember it's almost November and time to knit my younger brother a hat.

Then I start browsing hat patterns.
Then I dig into my stash - which, lets be honest, is dangerous on a good day...

36 hours before I leave for a retreat, it's certfiable insanity.

Lets not even visit the fact that I printed a baby sock pattern that I tossed in the mix and the mini balls of left over sock yarn to work on those babies

Or the sock pattern I printed with a fresh skein of sock yarn even though I have two pairs of socks to finish.

Oh and I have a baby blanket to finish, not to mention a sweater for Beans to make some headway on...

Nope. The restraint flew right out the window last night and into the bags, that's right BAGS, went at least 10 balls of worsted weight yarn, my whole tin of dpn's and every 16" circular needle I could find...

To make matters worse I actually cast on the hat for C and knit five rounds.

I'm going to make a matching one for Bump.
M is going to get another new hat as well, she gets a lot of them from me, she might be sick of them... Maybe I'll make her mittens...

See how the cycle begins? You know I just opened a new window for Ravelry and am checking mitten patterns now...


that'll be ten more skeins of yarn into the bags.

I should just pack the jumbo suitcase my mom gave me. That should be big enough for the yarn... I can use a duffell for my clothes.


Just think, in 24 hours my car will be loaded, i'll be swathed in every knit thing I made last year and I'll just be sitting in my living room anxiously waiting for an appropriate time to catch the ferry and head for the island.

I'll make it till 9:00 and then I'll be on my way which, depending on the ferry I catch, will land me on the island by 9:45 and at the lodge by 10:15.  Way to early to check in but not to early to wander around town!!


Baby Blanket 4 is almost done. It' has about 10 inches to go, then two inches for the final border then the big bind off!


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