I've probably gone down this road before, at least that's the tickle in my brain 'don't blog about this you've done that already, or have you?'

so better that I just get it out of my system, again possibly, and be done with it.

people, I want to learn to crochet a granny square. one giant granny square blanket.

I can't explain it.
It's a burning desire.
I blame it on Churchmouse Yarn and Tea for their amazing Crochet Granny Square Blanket...

I blame them because that's the one I want to make.

with a fierceness.

I think about it all the time.
I look at it all the time.
Its possible that I bought the pattern having no idea what all the stuff means.

I did buy the pattern.
I need to buy the yarn.
They did it in noro. It's amazing

You can look at it on their website and drool.


I've been known to openly mock it.

I've come to secretly love the granny square though and all it's possibilities and chains and color changes and hook this, hook that wonder.


We'll be meeting soon.
please be kind.

now to convince my spouse that I need a Thanksgiving gift of 9 balls of Noro Silk Garden.

He's probably reading this laughing hysterically saying 'no no no not today my lovely bride...'

That's okay. sometimes those balls just fall into my cart and I hit 'buy now' before we can blink...




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