Chaos Part II

It's the final Friday before the big feed next week and I am frantically, franctically trying to tie up loose ends before wrapping myself in family, food, and yarn (not necessarily in that order)

It's like I'm waiting for the gunshot that signals 'GO!'

A gunshot would definitely get me going.

I'm taking all of next week off and I can't wait. I realized a couple days ago that the taking care of me part has fallen to the bottom of the turnip basket, underneath work, husband, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs...

I need some time to rejuvenate and refocus on me.

I've put on about 10 pounds
I'm breaking out in weird spots on my face.
You could store potatoes in the bags under my eyes.

I need my mama :)

I always love making proclimations of getting healthy right before a day that's dedicated to feasting.
I think it makes all the delicious dishes taste even more delicious.

Turkey is turkey.
I love the side dishes and if you follow me on Pinterest you know what I'm going for this Thanksgiving...

Brussell Sprouts.

All the glorious ways of making them from breakfast to dinner to side salads and brussell sprout chips.

I finished new project using the Psychobarbie yarn... I'm teasing you with two photos now but will post more about it later once I've washed it and loosened it up to slouch a bit more...

I'll say this,

I love this yarn color.

Happy Weekend!! I'll check in next week!!



Linda Cannon said…
I love the color! and the pattern. Good Job. Yes, you need to take care of you first sometimes. It is easy to not do that. When I worked I took off the day before Turkey day and the day after. The group I worked with worked on that Fri. Sat. and Sun. that week. I would get everybody primed and assigned and be gone, and still get a phone call or two. But oh the gloriousness of having the time. But the whole week would be a luxury. My daughter a school teacher gets the whole week and she loves every minute of it. So enjoy and do something for yourself.
Carmel said…
Awww! Thanks Linda! I hope you and yours have a very happy thanksgiving!!

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