Feast Week

It's upon us... There is no doubt.
People are packing into Costco like its a grand opening
The grocery stores are filled with people I am convinced are there for the firs time.
I was described by my mom and D as a woman in a mission today as they saw me streak thru the store gathering stuff for the feast I'm about to foist upon them!

I'm going to make a pie for thanksgiving and G's eyes lit up Tim I told him that he needs to lower his expectations, they're high for good reason, he's had pies made by my brother, I had to to tell him that I've never actually made a pie, unless you count the cool whip jello thing I made a couple summers ago and a few pudding pies.

Those don't really count except they are delicious!

Tomorrow mom and I are off to shop, explore, and wander about and hopefully locate the yarn shop down here... I hope its a good one.

I have a bunch of finished stuff I need to photograph and I'm going to do it here at moms and then post it all on the blog for y'all... Hopefully by the time I'm done I'll remember what the project details were all about!

Happy Sunday night!
I'm working out a thanksgiving post in my nugget but I haven't settled on an approach yet.

It will definitely have to be a two parter because you'll have to see my pie baking attempt in photos, including the shaving of chocolate...

Xoxo peeps!

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